Integration in the Cloud

Cloud Integration

TechStone embraces the next evolution of integration by leveraging solutions in the cloud. Integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is a cloud service that provides a platform to support application, data and process integration projects, usually involving a combination of cloud-based applications and data sources, APIs and on-premises systems. Integration PaaS delivers some combination of the capabilities typically found in enterprise service buses, data integration tools, B2B gateways, managed file transfer products and API management platforms.

Gartner says,  “For many, the reality of cloud is here. Application portfolios are hybrid, with many organizations having to integrate between these diverse endpoints. While some organizations with existing integration skills are finding that their established on-premises integration practices can be used to integrate with SaaS applications, many more are finding that their existing approaches are just not delivering fast enough to meet these new challenges. For organizations that never established systematic integration practices on-premises, the thought of having to start now is daunting. The large costs, long delivery times and complex infrastructure builds associated with traditional on-premises approaches are just not in line with today’s lean approaches and timelines.

These drivers, plus the rapidly maturing capabilities in the iPaaS, are resulting in increasing interest in this particular market. The vendors are also reacting fast (with many having several releases a year), rapidly enabling new innovative features at a rate that is hard to capture in a report such as this. Most vendors (if not all) have moved beyond the initial use case of data and process synchronization between packaged applications and data sources, and are now focusing on unlocking extra value via API creation and publication, MAI, the IoT and big data analytics. Many are also looking to better enable ecosystems via partner management and self-service onboarding capabilities.”