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TechStone provides the world's most prominent companies with data management and implementation to enable scalable and seamless automation.


SAP HANA Accelerators

TechStone provides an array of SAP HANA Accelerators that increase the success of a migration from SAP ECC.  These include the ability to unlock SAP data to easily be viewed by non-SAP applications. The solutions generate SAP code automatically and governed in the same way as custom code.  Event-based messaging addresses SAP data requirements for data loads.  Below are some of the features
  • SAP Data Catalog and Data Cleansing
  • SAP Master Data Management
  • SAP Integration

Cloud Integration

TechStone embraces the next evolution of integration by leveraging Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS), a cloud service that provides a platform to support application, data, and process integration projects. Through IPaaS, TechStone provides customers with a combination of the capabilities typically found in enterprise service buses, data integration tools, B2B gateways, managed file transfer products, and API management platforms.

B2B Integration

It’s still common for corporations to use legacy solutions like Sterling Commerce and Gentran, EDI VANs, and B2B Hubs. TechStone has been automating EDI systems and processes for more than 17 years, including the following formats: 810, 824, 830, 845, 846, 850, 855, 856, 860, 861, 865, 867, 870, 945, 957, and many more.

Managed Services

TechStone offers managed services to our Boomi customers, including monitoring, production fixes, and other related Boomi needs. This can include up to 24/7 support by combining offshore support with our onshore presence. We also provide ad hoc architecture and development as required.

Offshore Support

With locations in Delhi and Hyderabad, TechStone provides full Boomi offshore support, while Agile methodology ensures faster turnarounds. This combination of our onshore leadership and detailed requirements processes results in lower customer costs with effective delivery and support.

Nearshore Support

Located in Mexico City, TechStone’s nearshore entity provides customers with Boomi and Salesforce support from a Western time zone. This service lowers the time to market for delivery turnaround and allows for more rapid development. TechStone supports the following Salesforce solutions: Salesforce Sales Cloud, Field Service Cloud,, and APEX.


Customers that recently purchased software from one of TechStone’s partners can use TechStone’s installation services, which typically include sizing, hardware recommendations, security, environment build-outs, configuration, infrastructure architecture, and testing.

Architecture & Design

Without sound architecture and design, anything that is built is prone to risks. We ensure our customers’ success through proven architecture processes and methodology, beginning with a software architecture design plan as the blueprint.

Staff Augmentation

As a complement to project-based work, TechStone provides ad hoc staff augmentation services to assist customers with bandwidth or skill set needs. 


During the first week of a new installation, we provide 3-5 days of training depending on the size of the installation and footprint, as well as ongoing training throughout the year.

TechStone MD

TechStone’s proprietary health-check solution for middleware customers, TechStone MD solves customers’ performance issues and provides a thorough evaluation and findings exercise for their middleware platform. This includes:

  • Platform and configuration discovery
  • Review of the currently deployed solution
  • Identification of system deficiencies and targeted improvements
  • Architecture assessment and recommendations
  • Platform configuration and solution architecture
  • Best practices

TechStone Navigator

TechStone’s proprietary roadmap solution helps customers plan for their future using middleware. This includes roadmap discovery documenting current and future state over a 3-5 year period as well as analysis of objectives and capacity for a 3-5 year plan.

Cornerstone Framework

Developed internally by TechStone, this custom architecture leverages a canonical data model utilizing multiple abstract layers and provides an event-driven architecture allowing for process orchestration and business logic encapsulation.

Middleware Modernization & Migrations

With TechStone’s extensive background in the industry, we leverage all of our experience to help companies modernize their current platforms and move from on-prem to cloud platforms. These modernization processes include both technology and change management, and they are expedited by TechStone’s Migration Accelerators.

  • ARG (Audit Report Generator): One of the first steps in any migration project is conducting an audit of the current interfaces and integrations and cataloging them into levels of complexity. TechStone’s Audit Report Generator delivers reports about the existing on-prem platform landscape in a shorter time than a manual assessment approach.
  • Logic Translator: It’s typical in a legacy platform to have multiple processes for each integration, including a large number of customizations. Converting logic is essential for a successful migration project. These conversions include error handling, REST operations, document types, complex logic on XML documents using multiple branches and utilities, Java logic on XML documents, pipeline variables, multiple branches on a document, input validation using multiple checks, and Java services.

IPaaS Selections

As a middleware specialist since 2004, TechStone has become an expert advisor for many companies evaluating integration solutions. TechStone has a proprietary methodology and approach for vendor assessments that uniquely combines Gartner’s TCO analysis and TechStone’s support and implementation experience. In this fast-growing and rapidly evolving market, where aggressive new entrants try to win new customers as fast as possible, we leverage our expertise to assess the vendor’s ability to deliver an iPaaS solution that meets the expected set of functions, ensuring that customers’ integration projects succeed.

TechStone O2C

TechStone’s Order to Cash solution includes analysis, requirements gathering, tool selection, design, development, testing, and support for middleware customers. This solution can help save customers hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions by eliminating redundant processes, automating processes, integrating systems, and reducing the O2C cycle.

TechStone P2P

The TechStone Procure to Pay solution includes analysis, requirements gathering, tool selection, design, development, testing, and support. TechStone specializes in providing both the business analytics skill sets as well as the more technical services with the actual integration of the supplier’s systems such as Ariba and Ivalua.

Self-Service Portals

This solution enables companies to provide their customers with the ability to approve invoices on any mobile device from anywhere at any time. TechStone has designed a simple-to-use portal for order management systems, featuring drag-and-drop solutions that deliver key workflows to manage the processes leading to payments in a dashboard with reporting functionality. This includes customized KPIs and multi-views for instant visibility and actions. Data is real-time based on the enterprise systems in which it is integrated, which can include any ERP database or third-party systems.

Executive Dashboards

TechStone provides data visualization solutions that help make complex data more understandable and lead businesses to ask better questions and make better decisions. These dashboards enable customers to present heterogeneous data scattered through multiple data sources and formats on a single screen, facilitating analysis and decision-making. Insights can be communicated between different teams more easily, and users can react in real time and drill down to the level of granularity relevant to their function.

Field Ticketing

Field tickets have been manual for decades, and TechStone implements field service solutions that enable companies to capture important data from traditional tickets on mobile devices and sync this data, whether online or offline. We provide multiple solutions for integrating field tickets into back-office ERP systems, including cloud solutions like NetSuite and Microsoft NAV, Dynamics AX, SAP, Oracle, and JD Edwards.

Configure, Price, and Quote

TechStone implements CPQ solutions that help sales reps and partners spend less time quoting and more time selling. Our solutions allow you to deliver quotes faster and streamline approvals, including one-off customization requests that can be routed for feasibility, pricing, and lead time. These solutions help eliminate mistakes and improve customer relationships.