If there’s one thing that the recent recession taught American business owners it’s that it’s always best to know exactly what is going on in your company at all times. More than ever, business managers want a clear view of their business processes and their effects. TechStone understands this need for increased visibility as well as the need to analyze and use the data productively. BAM solutions provide real-time monitoring, optimizing and reporting. This allows for real-time visibility and control of IT operations and business process end transactions to correct errors as wells as even predict failures before they occur. BAM correlates IT events to key business performance indicators for meaningful and actionable insight in real-time. TechStone essentially help clients:

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve visibility of processes
  • Optimize production performance
  • Report on findings
  • Adhere to mandate compliances

TechStone combines several of our services and our years of experience in support of our Business Process Architecture service. To truly understand the as-is and to-be processes of a business it is imperative to understand the inputs, outputs, decisions points, participants, actors and business rules associated with each process. Additionally it is critical to know what other processes are involved or impacted. We leverage our background with EA, Roadmaps, Service Design, Service Oriented Architecture, and Integration to help understand and map out the desired state for a given process.

Most TechStone clients today have complex IT systems and environments. Although companies continue to standardize their IT departments they will always continue to use best of breed solutions that don’t naturally communicate. TechStone thus provides solutions that always manage heterogeneous environments. These complex and varied systems in turn manage multi-processes for various operational needs. TechStone incorporates BPM solutions to provide the ability to fine-tune these processes that drive business efficiency. They allow business managers to refine, control and optimize how business is done.

  • Significantly improve reliability
  • Increase accountability
  • Provide flexible approved workflow routing to better manage impacts of organizational change
  • Avoid waste
  • More effective project management and support for company-wide activity-based costing and manufacturing initiatives

TechStone is a strong believer and adopter of Enterprise Architecture (EA). We have in-house expertise that understand the value and know how to implement EA within an organization. EA is a partnership between business and IT. With a solid EA approach business benefits are realized faster, cheaper, and are longer lasting. A solid EA organization always incorporates a well thought out Road Map. Leverage our expertise along with our TechStone Navigator solution for a huge win within your organization and start building a rock solid foundation to grow upon.

The most important and common projects heavily involve the integration of systems. These are business-to- business integration projects involving clients and their customers, suppliers, distributors and partners. As well, integration includes internal application-to-application projects for integrating ERP, custom and legacy systems. TechStone has helped clients integrate their internal procurement systems with their customers and suppliers. Transactions are consequently automated and business processes streamlined. The costs of doing business are greatly reduced at the invoice and purchase level. TechStone has also helped clients integrate their ERP systems sometimes spanning the world. Financial processes that once took hours to days now take only seconds. These heterogeneous systems that previously couldn’t share data can now transfer and process critical business information. TechStone provides:

  • Application synchronization
  • Information aggregation
  • Data propagation
  • Event driven integration models

TechStone offers Managed services for various day-to-day responsibilities as a strategic approach for improving operations and cutting expenses. Leveraging our consultants for Production Support, software development and software maintenance activities are just a few areas we can help offload the day-to-day and enable you to focus more on strategy.

TechStone have partnered with PACE Incorporated offshore to extend our service offering to include mobility and website creation as part of our service offerings. We follow an agile methodology for the mobile apps and websites we produce. As a result our customers see results faster and can make adjustments along the way instead of facing frustration at the end of the engagement.

TechStone’s Software Factory is a nearshore solution that provides an alternative option for Salesforce customers. It’s a software development entity in Mexico City that uses software components and construction as a manufacturing process with standardized tools, processes and metrics.

  • Optimizes reuse components
  • Uses standardized activities
  • Collaborative team work
  • Quality and productive measurement

The Software Development Factory supports the following Salesforce solutions; Salesforce CRM,, APEX.

TechStone has partnered with PACE Incorporated offshore to increase benefits to our customers through additional services offerings and lower costs. We follow an agile methodology for most of our offshore services to help ensure faster turn around and to allow for adjustments along the way. Below are some of the services we offer thru our offshore team:

  • Architecture
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Websites
  • Mobile applications
  • Middleware solutions

TechStone felt early on that a Human Resource team was imperative to our success. As a result of having a team our customers can benefit from our staffing function. Let us assist you with finding your next candidate. We focus on the following resources:

  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • DBA’s
  • Developers
  • Architects
  • Testers

TechStone resources are here to either lead or help with your service design efforts. We focus our efforts upfront to ensure we cover people, infrastructure, communication and the components of all services we work on. The end results are improved quality and better interaction between service provider and consumer. Additionally we focus on the needs of our customer, so that the service is user-friendly, competitive and relevant.

TechStone embraces the next evolution of integration by leveraging solutions in the cloud. Integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is a cloud service that provides a platform to support application, data and process integration projects, usually involving a combination of cloud-based applications and data sources, APIs and on-premises systems. Integration PaaS delivers some combination of the capabilities typically found in enterprise service buses, data integration tools, B2B gateways, managed file transfer products and API management platforms.

Gartner says, “For many, the reality of cloud is here. Application portfolios are hybrid, with many organizations having to integrate between these diverse endpoints. While some organizations with existing integration skills are finding that their established on-premises integration practices can be used to integrate with SaaS applications, many more are finding that their existing approaches are just not delivering fast enough to meet these new challenges. For organizations that never established systematic integration practices on-premises, the thought of having to start now is daunting. The large costs, long delivery times and complex infrastructure builds associated with traditional on-premises approaches are just not in line with today’s lean approaches and timelines.

These drivers, plus the rapidly maturing capabilities in the iPaaS, are resulting in increasing interest in this particular market. The vendors are also reacting fast (with many having several releases a year), rapidly enabling new innovative features at a rate that is hard to capture in a report such as this. Most vendors (if not all) have moved beyond the initial use case of data and process synchronization between packaged applications and data sources, and are now focusing on unlocking extra value via API creation and publication, MAI, the IoT and big data analytics. Many are also looking to better enable ecosystems via partner management and self-service onboarding capabilities.”

MDM isn’t new. But it’s squarely in the enterprise spotlight now as organizations try to cope with more information from more sources than ever before. Keeping that information consistent and accurate, eliminating redundancy, and synchronizing it all across multiple business systems puts enormous pressure on already strained IT resources. Even while setting cost and time aside, few IT departments within companies possess the skills to develop a scalable in-house MDM solution. TechStone has helped multiple companies with implementing a MDM solution for employee data, asset data and treasury data management. Boomi has been a common choice among TechStone’s clients.

Boomi MDM delivers next-generation master data management that is affordable, configurable and managed via the cloud. Setup, configuration, and management are done from a web browser, in a single instance, multi-tenant environment. Boomi MDM can be used with any combination of SaaS and on-premise applications.

Additional Benefits of Boomi MDM:

  • Support comprehensive data governance controls
  • Accelerate time to insight with improved analytics
  • Address data integration, MDM, and domain-specific data quality services
  • Increase data accuracy and consistency
  • Boost process efficiency

Boomi MDM allows you to create a single version of the truth across your entire organization. The next generation MDM functionality, combined with the efficiencies of data integration and data management on a single platform, allow you to meet today’s evolving data management requirements. The economics and accelerated time to value of a 100% cloud solution with crowd-sourced domain modeling allow you to rapidly realize the benefits of MDM with little to no risk.

Key Benefits

  • Multi-data-domain MDM to manage account, customer, location, product and vendor data domains
  • Centralized hub approach improves data accuracy and consistency across various data sources and applications, whether on-premise or in the cloud
  • Near real-time synchronization and bi-directional data flow keep data

Boomi MDM is next-generation master data management that is affordable, configurable and managed via the cloud. Setup, configuration, and management are done from a web browser, in a single instance, multi-tenant environment. And Boomi MDM can be used with any combination of SaaS and on-premise applications. With Boomi MDM, you become the master of your master data management strategy in four easy steps:

Define – Using the Boomi Suggest feature as a starting point, rapidly model master data entities through a visual experience with no coding necessary.

Deploy – Deploy your models into the MDM repository and identify which source systems will interact with them.

Synchronize - Leverage AtomSphere to orchestrate data synchronization. Design process flows that enable data to move between MDM and the integrated source systems.

Govern – Govern your data as it flows into the MDM system. Resolve duplicates, fix data entry issues, identify and correct erroneous data.

TechStone also implements Boomi Flow which provides a low-code development platform to create simple or sophisticated workflows. Boomi Flow allows customers to extend their application and data integration capabilities from workflow- based business applications to online/offline mobile apps and web portals.

Key Benefits

  • Transform processes
  • Accelerate workflow implementation
  • Create engaging user experiences
  • Improve organizational collaboration

Key Features

  • Flow Diagramming: Visually build workflows that include tasks, data access and automated actions. Add code or open platform API’s to develop advanced workflow actions and user experiences.
  • Dynamic Forms: Create HTML5-based forms using conditional logic, rules and actions to do everything from hiding and displaying fields to auto-assigning data.
  • Multi-User Workflow: Create workflows that orchestrate interactions from one individual or team to another. Build simple approval processes or complex cross-organizational work streams.
  • Responsive UI: Forms and application user interfaces will work on any device or screen. Use the open UI API and SDK to provide a tailored experience for users.
  • Social Collaboration: Workflow users can interact within existing business collaboration tools. They can post comments, share files, and even follow a running workflow using Chatter, Yammer and Slack.
  • Full API Access: The entire workflow platform is API based giving users control to create low-code applications that meet their many needs.