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Field Service Solutions

TechStone has been working in the field service industry since our inception in 2004. Our first customer was BJ Services who needed help with their invoice and purchase order systems and processes as they pertained to field ticketing. Since that time we’ve worked with several companies and their departments in all manners of automating various field service processes and systems. These have included everything from eticketing automation, dispatch and scheduling, fleet management, GPS roll-outs, CPQ automation, and asset management.


TechStone has worked with clients in the oilfield industry, pipeline industry, powerline industry, utilities and industrial and inspection services in providing automated field operations solutions. Typically in the oilfield industry these projects include eticketing or ‘field ticketing’ which has traditionally been a manual process and operation. Automation around these paper tickets includes replacing paper and scanners with tablets and laptops. The return on investment is swift and the bottom line is impacted in the manner of reducing the time to collect as well as improving relationships with customers and suppliers. These solutions enhance visibility and promote accuracy in the field.

Ex. Dispatcher Flow


Dispatch and Scheduling

Dispatch systems can be very manual and lack consistency and processes. TechStone has automated multiple dispatch systems to replace everything from legal pads to manual log books, spreadsheets and emails. It’s also been common for Dispatch Work Order screens to lack functionality or have confusing and redundant screens. It’s also common for yards to find paper tickets that are not yet in dispatch.


TechStone has also helped companies roll-out their GPS systems. One includes the third largest fleet in the U.S. with a total of nearly 30,000 vehicles. This particular GPS system was Telogis by Verizon. TechStone helped with business analysis, requirements gathering, reporting, program management, change management and training.


TechStone implements CPQ solutions that help your sales reps and partners spend less time quoting and more time selling. Our solutions allow you to deliver quotes faster than your competitors. We can help you streamline approvals including one-off customization requests that can be routed for feasibility, pricing and lead time. These solutions help eliminate mistakes and improve customer relationships. We deliver these through the cloud like our other solutions lowering your costs and improving your timelines.


Provide your customer the ability to approve invoices on any mobile device from anywhere at any time. Capture invoice grievances instantly for immediate action and get paid quickly. TechStone has designed and developed simple to use portals for order management systems in financial organizations. These drag and drop solutions are designed to provide key workflows to manage the processes leading to payments in a dashboard with reporting functionality. This includes customized KPI’s and multi-views for instant visibility and actions. Data is real-time based on the enterprise systems in which it is integrated which can include any ERP (Microsoft, JDE, SAP, Oracle), database or third party system. The technology is in the cloud so the costs of investment support and maintenance are minimal.

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